The Ily app.

The essential compliment to your Ily.
Invite almost any device on any platform.

Best friends.

Because the Ily ecosystem is device agnostic you can take your loved ones with you wherever you go. The Ily app allows you to connect from any device, anywhere. See your family at the office. In the hotel. Or halfway across the world.

Pictured: Ily and an Android and iOS device

Seamless from day one.

Even during the setup of your Ily, the app completes the Ily ecosystem. Import contacts from your phone straight to the Ily app and watch your Ily seamlessly populate with your added contacts.

Pictured: iOS device

Get creative with messages.

Send and receive messages that are as unique as your family. Make mom’s day by sending her a doodle, or choose from text, voice, video, or photo messaging.

Always in the loop.

With smart and integrated notifications you'll always know when a call's coming in or the latest doodle has been posted on Ily Life.

The best moments with Ily.

Ily is all about sharing with the people closest to you. Check in throughout your day to see what the kids have been up to at home or give Grandma and Grandpa a front row seat to your family vacation.

Get started with your Ily.

How It Works

Staying in touch should be simple.

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