Ily grew out of a personal need for family time.

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I was traveling for work and had a short window of time to video chat with my three young kids. They were home. I was ready. But my wife wasn't there to connect us, and neither was her smartphone. That's how Ily was born. Families need a simple way to stay in touch that's age and tech-ability neutral, and make parents the gatekeepers of all communication.

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95% of kids under 10 do not have a phone

  1. Los Angeles

    Charlie and grandpa make faces at each other

    You should hear Charlie's laugh when Grandpa makes silly faces. But neither has a cell phone or a computer. With their Ilys, they can now make each other laugh face-to-face in video calls.

  2. Miami

    Grandpa calls his sister's cell phone from his Ily

    Grandpa's sister Sophie lives overseas and is always on the go. With the tap of a button on Ily, he can call her cell phone to catch up on life while she's catching cabs across Paris.

  3. Paris

    Sophie posts photos that Kayla flips through

    Sophie is a Parisian pastry chef, her granddaughter Kayla loves to look at pictures of her cakes on mom's phone. With Ily Life, Sophie can post pictures from her tablet that Kayla can see on her Ily anytime.

  4. Denver

    Kayla and her cousin can text between Ilys

    Kayla is just getting the hang of writing, and her five-year-old cousin has started reading! Without begging mom to use her phone, she taps his picture to send him a message from her home Ily to his.

  5. Ontario

    Jamaal sends Dad video messages across the globe

    When Dad has meetings in Japan, the time difference is huge! His son Jamaal records video messages on his Ily that dad can watch on his laptop between meetings. It helps them stay close, even from far away.

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